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In 2004, Thomas Koucky was arrested for molesting a boy numerous times near his Occoquan home. When the molested child attempted suicide, he was admitted to a psychiatric ward, where he told police of the assault.

The assailant had previously been convicted of molesting boys in Maryland. After his arrest in Virginia, Koucky admitted to molesting over 300 boys. Koucky told the court that he could not control his impulses. Nonetheless, the Magistrate set minimal bail and Koucky fled the country.

As a parent myself, I was outraged. In response to this travesty, I successfully passed House Bill 1542 which closed the loophole that allowed Koucky to post bail and flee. I believe it is important that predators like Mr. Koucky not be released to prey on our communities again.

As a career prosecutor, I understand that justice requires fair trials and appropriate punishments. I have the experience necessary to make positive changes to keep our communities safe.

As a JAG officer, I was appointed Chief of the Criminal Law Division at the Pentagon. In that role, I supervised a world-wide judicial system. As a member of the Courts of Justice Committee in the House of Delegates, I worked for stiff punishments for violent criminals and to keep our communities safe from the growing gang problem in Virginia. I believe that addressing gang activity should be a priority. Gangs endanger public safety by introducing drugs and violence to peaceful neighborhoods. As senator, I will take stern measures to suppress gang activities in our community. I am committed to keeping our communities safe.

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